These are the stock embroidery fonts we have available for your logo. If your logo requires any other font(s), they will have to be custom digitized for a standard fee.

Please note that embroidered text degrades in quality at smaller sizes, and can become unreadable when sized less than 1/4" in height.

Click on any font below to preview
Block (serif and sans-serif)
Argentia Avante Block Brantford Bubblegum Compact Copperplate Designer Eurostyle Evening News Goudy Bold Hobo Ivory Tower Leopold Neon Sign Russ Times Silver Sweep Italic Typewriter Woodwork
Allegra Script Bridal Path Brush Script Caffe Latte Cin Italic Commercial Script Crecendo Custom Script Diana Script Heather Roman Italic Signature Script Tradition Script
Angels Baskerville Bedrock Belvedere Caboodle Canvas Brush Chancery Doghouse Homely Inscription Old English Silent Night Story Time Wizards